"After spending a week on retreat with Mary I feel I am finally back in my body, after 2 children and years of neglecting myself. Thank you"

Nynke, Vale de Moses Retreat, Portugal


Welcome, I'm Mary and I'm a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, specialising in working with people in recovery from addiction, domestic and sexual violence and difficulties with mental health.

Fascinated by us, our relationships with ourselves, each other and our planet, I believe we have an innate capacity to heal ourselves with the right tools. My aim is to create an inclusive environment of non-judgement and hold a safe space for self-enquiry in all aspects of my work.

My invitation to you, is to give time and space to explore personal healing, growth and evolution.

Loved ones describe me as having humanity, generosity, spontaneity, a strong drive for social justice, a rebellious spirit, a contagious laugh and soulful voice.


What I do

Private Sessions

Join me this summer at the beautiful Vale de Moses in central Portugal. Nestled among the forests, we find the valley, where your week of healing, reconnecting and joy will take place. I'll be there for two weeks in July and I cannot wait.

I offer weekly classes online via Zoom and in person in the western Algarve of Portugal. I teach Yoga and Meditation as a practice of self-enquiry and embodiment. Enquiring into how we can use these practices to come back to our true nature of love, compassion and wisdom

I offer private sessions of therapeutic movement and meditation. Specialising in working with people in recovery from addiction, mental health issues and domestic and/or sexual violence.


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Mary Bonett

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