"I love Mary's classes, she always makes you think outside the box and really notice the little things, I love her intuitive care and teaching, she seems to know just where we want to go as a class but also as individuals”


Fiona (Prison Officer, Essex)

"I have practised yoga for 20 years now and been through a lot of different teachers and teaching styles, and I think you are extremely talented. I have found your classes to be both challenging and therapeutic, focusing on what the body and mind needs, rather than any “achievement”. You have a very calming manner, and make everyone feel relaxed and included. I have found participating in your classes to be a very uplifting, almost spiritual experience! 

I was sceptical about live online classes, thinking it would not be the same as in person and/or that I could just do a recorded session. However, the live sessions and other participants force engagement and accountability - like any new experience it’s a bit strange at first, but you quickly get used to it. Looking forward to your next class!" 


Hannah O (Lawyer, Mum of 2)

“Mary is such an intuitive teacher, her guidance always feels so natural and just what your body needs and wants. I love her and her style, so caring and compassionate”



“I love Mary’s classes because they allow me to explore my body in the context of yoga without fear of doing something ‘wrong’ or forcing postures. I always leave feeling uplifted and empowered both physically and mentally”


Hanna P (Physiotherapist, Mum of 2)

“`Mary relaxes you from the minute you start your session whether it be Yoga Semantics or Nidra - her voice is calm and reassuring and she takes the time to fully explain all moves so you feel under no pressure at all - I cannot recommend her highly enough”



“Mary’s Sunday Shakedown classes are like nothing else I have been to - fun but also profound - she has the perfect balance of playfulness, & humour but grounded in a very real and authentic place. I would even go as far to say they are healing”



“Mary's teaching is highly-empathetic, and an antidote to the instagram-influencer style yoga so often practised these days. At the core of her ethos is a desire to get people back in touch with and listening to their bodies.”


Rosie (Illustrator)

“Mary's Yoga sessions are a mixture of joy and thoughtfulness, making you think and absorb what you are practicing ensuring that we are safe”



"My experience of practising yoga with Mary has only been online, during lockdown. It would be easy to be nervous and struggle to relax in an online class, but Mary's warmth shines through and she built a really supportive and encouraging class which has really helped me keep healthy both physically and mentally during a difficult time. As I'm also pregnant with my first child, I was unsure about how to stay active without causing injury or risk to my baby, but Mary smoothly adapted classes throughout my second and third trimester and I never felt left behind or forgotten."

Jo (Secondary School Teacher, 30 weeks pregnant)

“Mary’s classes have been a lifesaver during lockdown, keeping me sane and grounded and reminding me what is important. She is a patient, friendly and brilliant teacher who works with you where you are, and is incredibly skilled to advising with adaptations depending on your needs. By far the best yoga class I have attended, even if for the moment it is only virtual - can’t wait for a class in person!! 

Everything is true, thank you so much for everything you have done during lockdown to make things better for all of us!”


Rachel (Secondary School Teacher)

“I have been taking part in Mary's sessions via Zoom since the beginning of lockdown. I have had yoga lessons with several different practitioners, and I must say that Mary has been the best. She is relaxed, welcoming and warm and she makes the sessions so enjoyable.

Her knowledge is far-reaching and I would highly recommend her”


Agnes (Learning Support Assistant in 6th form college & marathon runner)

“Mary's yoga teaching is so beautifully far away from the commercialisation of yoga with skinny women in crop tops doing hands stands on Instagram! Her lessons are a safe space of honesty, openess and playful curiousity. She's extremely knowledgeable about what she teaches and always fits the class to the mood and level of the individuals within the group. Expect laughter, great tunes from around the world and to develop a mental and physical yoga practice designed around you and your body. Highly recommended! “


Elizabeth (Sustainability Tourism Consultant)